NEWARK — On the same day that Gov. Phil Murphy announced a top-to-bottom audit of NJ Transit, a bus driver was caught on video texting with both hands.

The rider who took the video told PIX 11 the driver was on the 553 line heading from from Atlantic City to Upper Deerfield/Cumberland County College on Monday. The driver texted for about three minutes, according to the report.

The edited version of the video shows the driver texting with one hand under the steering wheel of the bus. The driver then brings the phone up to eye level and continues to text while steering the bus with his pinky.

The name of the Facebook account is blacked out in the PIX 11 video.

NJ Transit, in a statement to PIX 11, said the driver was identified and appropriate action will be taken following a full investigation.

Murphy on Monday signed an executive order for a "comprehensive, strategic, financial, and operational audit" of NJ Transit which he hopes will be a first step in fixing the troubled agency.

"The public deserves a true accounting for how this once-model agency has fallen so far so fast. Our goal must be a new NJ Transit that will begin with a new culture and its management, and a new commitment to getting this system right," Murphy said.

The audit will include a critical review of NJ Transit's funding, leadership structure, personal hiring, and customer service. It will also examine NJ Transit's relationship with Amtrak.

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