Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

That was certainly true when New Jersey State Trooper Michael Stoffel was called to a disabled car on an on-ramp to Interstate 80. Certainly a dangerous place to break down.

A good samaritan stopped to help the woman in the predicament and had her move to the grass, a way safer place to be. He then called the State Police. Another very smart move.

When the Trooper arrived, he took command of the situation, had the two stay on the grass and then to keep everyone out of danger, he moved her 20+ bags of groceries from the disabled car into a friends car who had arrived to pick her up.

This is the very best that our New Jersey Troopers have to offer. Selfless action beyond the scope of the job description. Caring individuals who will sooner risk their own safety to make sure the rest of us are OK.

Part of this is the training, part of it is the quality of person who signs up to be a State Trooper, it's a calling not a career, and part is the high caliber leadership from Colonel Patrick Callahan.

Thank you to Trooper Michael Stoffel and all the men and women who serve our state every day so our communities can be safe.

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