Are you one of the half a million people receiving that $300 a week federal unemployment check? There’s going to be a rude awakening.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks The Garden State 5th overall with the highest unemployment rate in the country. We are tied with Hawaii at 7.3%. Nevada tops that list with 7.7%. Nebraska is at the bottom with a 2.3% unemployment rate.

Let’s all move to Nebraska!

On the Road 50 Years Later
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Congress had earlier decided to discontinue this additional assistance to those still jobless.

This announcement comes from Governor Murphy.  On Monday he said, as the extended federal unemployment program is set to expire, Covid19 funds in New Jersey will no longer be used to fund an extension.

As you know, this assistance had been given new life three times prior.

As President Biden stated he is for states with high unemployment rates to continue to offer this additional financial help, Governor Murphy said no.

The cost to New Jersey would be millions of dollars a week.

Murphy said…

“The proper way to extend federal benefits is through federal action, not a patchwork of state ones, and it should be noted here that no state is extending this benefit beyond September 4."

My guess, this is a welcome shift for business owners who are having trouble hiring. That extra level of government income was more attractive to some New Jersey workers than getting a job.

Of course, if you were on the receiving end of that help, you’re having a bad day.

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