News of a 23-cent gas tax hike deal was announced by Gov. Chris Christie and the Legislature's two top Democratic leaders on Friday afternoon.

That's the time of the week government officials traditionally tend to drop bad news — and it didn't go unnoticed by some listeners and readers, who took to Twitter and Facebook to vent their frustration with the deal, which could go into effect as soon as next week if approved by lawmakers.

The deal replenishes the state's cash-strapped Transportation Trust Fund, which finances bridge and road repairs and construction.

The deal also comes with tax cuts and credits that benefit the wealthiest and poorest residents, and sales tax cut of less than half a percent.

The deal was applauded by some lobbyists and lawmakers.

Assemblyman Dave Rible, the Republican conference leader, said the "announcement is great news for the residents of New Jersey who will benefit from a better transportation system and will enjoy significant tax savings."

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick applauded Christie "for bringing Democrat leaders in the Legislature together on a compromise to fix our roads and bridges in a way that is equally fair to our overburdened taxpayers.”

And Robert Briant, Jr., CEO of the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association, said the deal is "the kind of long-term thinking that New Jersey has desperately needed on transportation infrastructure," while "additional tax cuts will help create a more level playing field for working people in New Jersey."

But among voters and commuters, the announcement was as welcome as a stalled car during Garden State Parkway rush-hour traffic.

Jersey Twitter exploded with messages against Christie and lawmakers. Here's a selection of comments:

What are your thoughts about the gas tax deal? Do you support it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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