We have been receiving numerous complaints about  increased noise problems in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The complaints are coming in from all over the city … From Caspian Avenue noise complaints on the beach that occur late at night … to the Chelsea Beach Bar across from the Tropicana Casino hotel and loud cars and motor bikes operating throughout the City at all hours.

We have interviewed Members of the Atlantic
City Council, who are not holding out much hope that the city administration is going to seriously address the noise ordinance problems

They are placing their faith in the New Jersey Legislature to implement a state law, that supersedes the lack of action at the local level.

We have also spoken with residents, who tell us that the noisy beach bar crowd spills out into the streets after the beach bar closes for the night.

The New Jersey Senate passed S-3131, with Senator Vince Polistina voting in favor of the noise legislation, which has been nicknamed “Boom” legislation.

An identical bill # A-4686 passed the New Jersey General Assembly, with Members Don Guardian and Claire Swift voting in favor of the noise legislation.

It reads:

Establishes penalties for person who commits motor vehicle noise violation.

The New Jersey legislature approved it on August 7, 2023 and Governor Phil Murphy has signed it into law.

There is a problem, for some obscure reason, this new noise legislation must be managed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The new legislation also only covers motor vehicle noise issues. But, at least it’s something.

I have spoken with Joe Berg, Chief of Staff for Senator Polistina.

Berg has placed telephone calls to both the New Jersey DEP and New Jersey Office of Legislature Affairs to obtain a clarification for how this new state legislation can be properly enforced.

We have also learned that a group of Atlantic City residents met at the Stockton University Atlantic City campus at an open public meeting to discuss and question what is presently going on.


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