WAYNE — A suspect grew violent during his arrest Thursday in connection with several thefts of cooking oil.

During a traffic stop on May 4, a Wayne officer stopped a van and smelled cooking oil coming from inside, according to Wayne police Capt. Dan Daly.

Tysheem Goode, 30, of Newark, told the officer that a tank in the rear of the van contained stolen cooking oil, officials said.

Rasheed Wright, 33, of Plainfield, kicked the police vehicle door and spit and urinated in the vehicle, according to Daly.

At police headquarters, Wright resisted being placed in leg shackles and refused to walk. He was carried inside and threatened to kill the officer who made the initial stop.

Goode and Wright were charged with receiving stolen property. Wright was also charged with receiving criminal mischief, resisting arrest, terroristic threats and obstructing a governmental function and is being held at the Passaic County Jail pending a detention hearing.

Why used cooking oil?

Used cooking oil can be used in the making of cosmetics, biofuels, and animal feed. Restaurants usually sell the grease to companies but there is a black market for it.

Private investigator Patrick McCall told News 12 that one barrel can be sold for as much as $900. Thieves will show up during busy times or after hours and pump the oil from restaurants' outdoor grease storage.

Thefts have been reported in Montclair, Paterson, and Shrewsbury.

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