Ocean City Police are looking for a suspect who ran in to more than he bargained for when he tried to rob an Asbury Avenue variety store, only to be chased off by the store's owner wielding a baseball bat.

According to police, about 7:45pm Friday, July 29, the suspect walked into the Metro PCS store at 1059 Asbury Avenue and told the clerk to put money in a bag. The store's owner, M. Asian Sheikh, had other ideas. Grabbing a baseball bat from behind the counter, he chased the robber out of the store. The suspect ran south on Asbury Avenue. The store clerk did not give chase.

Police say the suspect is a white man in his early 20’s, between 5’10” and 6’0” tall with a medium fit build. He has brown eyes, dark hair and a light complexion. He was wearing a dark hoodie sweatshirt with a bandana partially covering his face.

Speaking to OCNJDaily, the store's owner, nicknamed "The Sheik", said...

“It took me about one hundredth of a second to realize he wasn’t joking, and to grab my baseball bat and run around toward him from behind the counter. He took off running like a bullet...I feel strongly that you don’t do that kind of thing. I keep the bat just in case.  It’s just a regular wooden baseball bat. I tried to look at his face with the hoodie and (the suspect) looked like he was messed up on drugs or something.”

If you have any information about this attempted robbery, contact Ocean City Police at 609-399-9111

Source: OCNJDaily

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