LACEY TOWNSHIP — A 73-year-old man who suffers from both Parkinson’s disease and dementia was found in a marsh area by rescuers after being missing for two days, police said on Sunday.

The man was reported missing on Saturday morning around 10 a.m. to Lacey Township Police.

He had walked away from his home in the Lanoka Harbor section of the township on Thursday afternoon, according to police and had not been found at any areas where he frequently visits, according to officers.

Nearly five hours later, the man was found laying on his back in several inches of water in a wooded marsh area of the Edward B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, near the man's home.

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At that point, the rescue effort had grown to include the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department K9 unit, the Lanoka Harbor Fire Company and off-road patrol units.

Though the man was unable to move or speak when found, he was still conscious and was rushed to Community Medical Center for treatment and evaluation, police said.

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