If you are driving drunk while Officer Joseph Bereheiko is on duty, you will get busted.

You have been warned.

Atlantic City Police officer Joe Bereheiko has been recognized again by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as the leader in Atlantic County for DWI arrests.

The Atlantic City Police posted on Facebook to congratulate Bereheiko for receiving the award for the ninth time in the last ten years that he has been recognized as the leader of DWI arrests in Atlantic County. That's an amazing statistic.

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Bereheiko also had the third-highest number of DWI arrests in the entire state of New Jersey in 2021.

The officer is making a habit of being recognized for his outstanding service.

Bereheiko received the "TOP COP" award from the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office after he was called to a crime scene in 2020 where he discovered a man and woman who had been stabbed.

The victims were in distress and bleeding heavily, prompting Bereheiko, a trained EMT, to immediately act and get a tourniquet on both of the female victim's arms.

He was successful in stopping the bleeding, saving the 35-year-old woman's life. He was also able to tend to the wounds of the male victim.

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