Berkeley Township officials have heard you and so have state officials.

Route 9, which is a state road not a local road, has long been the bane of a lot of drivers venting sessions about its conditions.

Along Route 9 heading south and across the middle of Ocean County lies its own set of issues that are being addressed and need to be rectified.

It's frustrating, they know, you know but when will there be a more permanent solution than band-aid patches?

Sometime this year.

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Right now, the NJDOT is working along Route 9 on a resurfacing project, Jones to Longboat, from Lacey to Beachwood which will also upgrade the signalized intersections.

The goal of the DOT project, per a letter from the NJDOT to Berkeley Township obtained by Townsquare Media News, is to repave Route 9 and upgrade traffic signals at the intersections.

Berkeley Township passed a resolution in the fall requesting that the NJ DOT repave Route 9.

While all this is going on, New Jersey Natural Gas has been upgrading their facilities along Route 9 as well.

Most of the work is taking place at night and they're providing temporary paving (those patches you'll see along Route 9) in order to minimize impact and delays.

The NJ DOT expects to begin the paving of Route 9 on a more permanent basis in the spring.

The paving they're doing now is basically patch work but it will be flattened out and paved in the spring.

Berkeley Township government officials have to wait for the State to finish up their work on Route 9 before they can do anything there and get to some other work in the area to smooth out your drives.


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