If you’ve been to Somers Point, there’s a good chance you have driven past the Somers Mansion. This historical building sits in the middle of a high traffic circle giving passersby a reminder of the history that the town holds.

Built in 1725, the old brick house stood through the Revolutionary war where there are many rumors that circulate of secret tunnels that ran underground to the mansion. Some stories claim that these tunnels were used for smugglers to get from the house out to higher ground. Other rumors are that the tunnels were used for safe access to the bay during wartime and even to sneak alcohol around during the prohibition period. There is even talk of pirates using the tunnels to protect their hidden treasure.

A 1923 news article makes claim of a brick passageway found while roadway construction was underway, alluding that the tunnel out to the Great Bay was home to pirate’s treasure.

With all historical evidence of these tunnels, upon construction of the roadway we now drive over there was no discovery of any such tunnels out of the Somers Mansion. If they did exist, contractors believe that the roadwork would have broken through them and lead to their discovery.

So, while it remains a mystery as to whether these tunnels exist or are still a well-kept secret of Somers Point it’ll make you wonder the next time you drive past it: are you driving over tunnels that pirates and smugglers once ran through?

Sources: At The Point Blogspot, Google Books

This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer for Townsquare Media South Jersey. 

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