Much can be accomplished through the generosity of strangers. Take Adam Szyfman, for instance. Adam recently bought a newly remodeled home in Avalon. Shortly after buying it, Adam realized that the two-bedroom cottage didn’t really fit his family’s needs.

The family decided to build another house on the lot. But rather than tear down a perfectly good house,  Adam had an inspiration. Why not give the house away to charity?

That is when he contacted Habitat for Humanity of Cape May County and offered to give the house to them, to be moved to another lot where someone could use it.

It just so happened that Habitat for Humanity Cape May had an available lot in Upper Township where they were trying to build a house from scratch.

The lot had already been outfitted with sewer and water lines but had yet to have the foundation poured, giving the non-profit the perfect opportunity to have it fit the new house, and have the building ready for a family in need as soon as possible.

Now, work is underway to raise the house on its Avalon lot in preparation for physically moving it over to the new lot in Upper Township.

The house should be available for move in by Dec. 1.

To continue the story, here are a series of Facebook posts that Habitat for Humanity has posted since they received their generous offer of a house... on the house from Adam Szyfman.

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