I'm not sure I'm in the right frame of mind to write this, but here goes. This is for you, you brain-dead sheep.

Monday amid loud panicked parents and children the NJ ASSembly passed a bill that would make NJ one of only half a handful of states to ban the religious exemption for vaccines. The Senate delayed their vote in part due to the chaos of passionate, patriotic and frightened families making noise at the Statehouse. Maybe you missed that story... You'll also miss it when the Senate reconvenes at an incredibly inopportune time for any concerned citizens to show up and oppose it, you brain-dead sheep.

This issue doesn't concern you, because your kids got all their shots and they're healthy or you don't have kids. But eventually the NJ Legislature will try and limit your rights to your family's health and safety. Or perhaps you'll pay attention if one of your kids is severely injured by vaccines. Did you know the federal government has paid out billions to parents whose children have harmed by vaccines?

Of course you didn't, you brain-dead sheep. You weren't paying attention when they passed some of the strictest gun laws in the country, making just about every legal gun owner a potential criminal with the slightest of missteps. You weren't paying attention through the years when the education unions highjacked your legislature and gave you the highest property taxes in the country either.

Maybe you've left the state once or twice and noticed we're the only state that can't legally pump our own gas. Or maybe while you were out of state, you noticed we're the only place where you have to pay to get on most of our beaches. While you were in one of those other states, perhaps you noticed that people who live there don't pay state income taxes. In many of those state you may have walked by the corporate headquarters of a company that used to be based here in New Jersey, you brain-dead sheep.

You're also probably not aware that in last weeks' preliminary vote on this vaccine bill, Senate President Steve Sweeney switched out three Democrats on the Health Committee who were going to vote no, with three members who voted yes. Oh, by the way that vote, which brought this bill to the floor for today's vote was 6-4. Do the math, you brain-dead sheep.

Although Monday's vote in the senate was postponed due to interruptions by people who care about their rights far more than you do, they'll sneak it in somehow and more of our precious rights will be eroded. It's not about "herd immunity" or public safety. It's about power and money, you brain-dead sheep. The kind of money from big pharma that keeps these miscreants in power.

But why should you care? Just keep reading headlines from news sites that reinforce your shallow, narrow world view and don't bother to go any deeper, you brain-dead sheep. Just keep posting pictures of your pets and your neighbors gaudy Christmas lights on Facebook and Insta and count the likes. The people that took the time to fight for everyone's rights, the right to ensure the health and safety of their children didn't do it for the likes. They did it for everyone's rights, including yours, you brain-dead f***ing sheep.

Happy Holidays!

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