If you visited a supermarket over the weekend, you probably experienced the insanity that is the Thanksgiving week shopping.

The isles are overcrowded with extra products for the big meal, with people seemingly unsure of where anything is. I've already picked up my "free" turkey for spending a fortune over the past year at my local supermarket and put it in the fridge to defrost by Thursday. As the holiday gets closer the panic will get worse. My heart goes out to the people who work in the grocery stores. Try to be patient and we'll all get through it.

Just be thankful that we have supermarkets with shelves that are stocked with everything you could possibly want for a meal that's over anticipated, over hyped and over prepared. And we can be thankful to live in a country with so much and try to remember to give what you can to food pantries and food banks around the state that help those who might be struggling this year. Also be thankful as I am for self check-out lanes. I, like many of you, have much to be thankful for this year and every year, but I think the self check-out lanes are at the top of my list!


  • The cost of a turkey has gone up 46% since 2005
  • The total cost of Thanksgiving dinner has risen 36% in the last five years
  • Over 46 million turkeys will be purchased for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Many stores will be open for early holiday shopping on Thanksgiving
  • Parents comprised the highest number of shoppers at 32%
  • Millennials make up 27% of Thanksgiving Day shoppers
  • Seniors make up the lowest percentage at 5%
  • Technology stores will see about 35% of Thanksgiving Day shoppers
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