The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) has been unfairly, negatively criticized by a bad actor in the local media.

The completely unwarranted attack is that they should be doing more.

It’s time for some perspective. They’ve been doing a whole lot.

Besides, now is not the time to be petty and attack our various working partners.

Now is the time that we must band together, as we strike back and survive the Coronavirus. The virus is the enemy. We should not be each others enemies.

Leadership starts at the top. Matt Doherty, CRDA Executive Director has been fully and properly engaged and has had the proper sense of urgency.

Doherty is leading by example. It’s never easy to lead when most all of your team is relocated.

The CRDA, through their Special Improvement District has done a great job. Rick Santoro, Executive Director is a clutch, prime-time player. Rick always demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and competency.

His staff works very hard and does a great job.

Larry Sieg, Executive Director of Marketing at the CRDA is the best in the business.

Larry successfully markets Atlantic City, always demonstrating world class skills. He’s a marketing genius.

With the casinos closed, Larry’s efforts take on even more significance.

MEET AC Vice President Sandi Harvey and her team are focused and committed to developing future business and working overtime to reschedule any current business lost because of the Coronavirus.

In my column yesterday, I hinted that we should all expect that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will follow the leads of California and New York and place all non-essential New Jerseyians in a “shut in” mode and stay-at-home.

It is very likely that Governor Murphy will make this official later today.

It is very important not to panic. A “lockdown” or “shut in” is not a full quarantine.

New Jerseyians will be able to leave home to purchase food, medicine, gasoline and other essentials.

Rather than criticize one another. Let’s stay together, even when the Coronavirus has separated our proximity from one another.

We’re Americans. We’ve got this.

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