Tuesday afternoon a bright, articulate, lovely young woman named Katie Brennan testified in front of a special committee of the State Legislature. She was there to tell her story of an alleged sexual assault she claims that was committed by someone on Governor Murphy's election campaign staff, that was later hired to work in his administration. She also claims that she tried in vain to tell the Governor and even his wife about the alleged incident, but could not get an audience with or any proper attention from Murphy about said incident.

It wasn't until she went to the Wall Street Journal a couple of months back to tell her story, that the man in question resigned his made up bulls***, high paying government job, and the Governor then gave it his immediate attention. If the Governor were not a wealthy, well connected rising star in the Democratic Party, his days would be numbered. After all a chubby guy in the same job, whose staff played games with a bridge for two days got months of prime time coverage a couple of years ago. All the attention probably damaged his chances to completely forsake us and go on to the White House. Well, the chubby guy was with the wrong party and, you know....

Fast forward to Tuesday's hearing. No national media coverage there. Just a sincere, loyal Democrat young woman who thought she would find justice among her own party loyalists. She was mistaken. Because the alleged offending party was a member of her own party hired to make their own party look good, so the leader of that party in this state could go on to get more power for the party on the national scene. Are you following? Let me see if I can simplify this for you.

Governor Murphy is guilty. He's guilty of being a guilty, wealthy, white male "liberal". It's one of the most insidious, crippling afflictions of our time. It affects your judgement, your thought process and especially your perception of right and wrong. Here's how this heinous contemporary illness manifests itself in someone like 'Givenor' Murphy.

You've amassed vast amounts of wealth without really creating anything, while working for a huge financial concern like Goldman Sachs. You're white and you grew up in a typical middle class family and you look around at the people who don't look like you, who aren't as well of as you, and you feel horrible. You want to do something about it. You still have the drive and determination that drove you to the top of the finance world, but now you have a chance to assuage your guilt by getting into politics and becoming a social justice warrior.

When you judge people by how they look or where their ancestors came from, you eventually have to make some strange tough choices. In this case it looks like Katie Brennan didn't have the right credentials to prevail...initially. Stay tuned. Justice might prevail and she may win in the end. Because the guilty, wealthy, white, male liberal just might really be guilty, of not paying attention to a woman who was wronged in the worst possible way.

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