Governor Murphy is co-owner of Blue Sky, women's professional soccer team. He's come under fire in the last year for horrible housing and training conditions for their players. To distance himself from any controversy and to soften the feel of the whole story, he's appointed his wife, Tammy, as "owner representative" to try and fix the problems.

At the very least they hope to fix the image of the situation.

So Mrs. Murphy has put out the call to youth soccer parents around the state to volunteer to house these young athletes. Volunteers should be within a half hour of Monmouth County.

Hey, don't the Murphys live in a roomy mansion in Monmouth County? Aren't they super wealthy? Like wealthy enough to build a sports/dorm complex and not even notice it in their monthly budget? Yes, yes and sure! Let's give the struggling families of youth soccer players the responsibility of doing something the 'first family' could easily do to solve a problem that is clearly theirs. But if you're gonna be true "limousine liberals" you follow the format.

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