Three violent criminals who federal immigration authorities wanted detained for possible deportation have been released without being held for I.C.E. to deal with. ​

Governor Murphy last fall instituted a policy that allowed this to happen. He and his Attorney General assured the public that violent criminals like the ones released this week would not be covered under this policy, but somehow they were. Authorities and jail can notify federal authorities by the end of the day of their scheduled release. The operative word there is CAN, but do not have to as is the case with these three illegal aliens, all charged with violent crimes.

All three of the alleged criminals have been charged with violent crimes. One for rape of a teen under the age of 16 and the other two for domestic violence and battery. At least one county, Ocean County is challenging the Governor's "Trust Directive" regarding releasing such violent offenders before I.C.E. can be notified to hopefully remove these violent offenders from the country. Toms River and 10 other municipalities are mounting a court challenge. It's a travesty and an insult not only to hard working law enforcement, but to every law abiding citizen of the state. It's yet again a hollow virtue signaling, pandering gesture from the guilty white progressive in chief. But this one could end up hurting or killing someone near and dear to YOU.

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