We've never seen this kind of enthusiasm for a presidential candidate in New Jersey, let alone a Republican, in our lifetimes. But Donald Trump brings out passions on both sides.

The people who love him can't get enough and the people who hate him can't see straight from how evil they believe he is. A Trump car and truck rally blocked traffic on the Garden State Parkway on Sunday. The Trump lovers decided to organize another one of their "parades" this weekend. That's great. We love to see the enthusiasm in this blue state for a Republican for a change. Of course, they're dismissed as dumb, hateful, racists, so why give the other side ANY ammunition?

The protests and riots we've seen this year that clog city streets, some becoming violent and destructive, have ALL come from the left. It does no good for your cause, whether you're holding up Biden supporters or people who think like you. Both think you're a stupid pain in the ass, because they were on the Parkway to get somewhere, unlike you, who were there to make a point. Make your point at the ballot box or on the campaign to help get more votes for your candidate. Inconveniencing, disrupting or causing harm to peoples' lives is the technique of the left.

You don't need that if you have your facts and in order. You gave the other side ammunition when the arguments come up about all of the violence and mayhem we're going to see following the election.

Some say Sunday's event was an example of how Trump supporters are the threat, when as anyone whose paid attention knows the incidents know it's 10,000 to 1 the other way. Cities aren't boarding up their businesses and putting on extra police patrols for Trump supporters.

Blocking the Parkway on Sunday was like smoking crack. It felt really good for a little bit, but then reality hits and when it's over, you're just a schmuck who screwed up a lot of peoples' Sunday trip to grandma's house.

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