How did wearing a red hat with the slogan "Make America Great Again" become a reason for a teenager to physically attack an 81 year-old man?

That's what police say happened Monday afternoon at the Shop Rite Supermarket in Somerset. To people who hate President Trump that hat and anyone who wears it has come to symbolize some kind of hateful, violent, despicable group of people who deserve their scorn and even a beating.

Some people are convinced in their minds that if you support our president you're an evil, intolerant bigot just like him.

All of the horrible things that some predicted would happen, that the country would become more intolerant and violent, have come to fruition -- but the intolerance is almost entirely from the left. Violent protests at colleges. Physical attacks on innocent people who have a different point of view. It's been happening consistently ... on the left.

There's been such a lack of the predicted and expected hate coming from the right that the left has had to concoct countless hate hoaxes over the past two years -- the latest one in Chicago just a few weeks ago. Apparently the demand for for hateful incidents from Democrats and the media far exceeds the supply from the Trump supporters, so you just gotta make them up to make their narrative ring true.

The constant drumbeat of how Trump is a Nazi and a bigot and his supporters must have voted for this monster for that reason have created an insane atmosphere where the truth is buried or denied. Supposedly the people are against Trump for his intolerance to anyone different from him. That's the constant narrative in the majority of media, social or so-called professional. But the insane amount of intolerance for any other point of view or support of the current president is something we've never seen in modern history.

The political left and the majority of the media have been so out of their minds with disbelief and grief since Trump's been elected that they can't help themselves in pumping out a constant stream of vitriol and hate.

The president is no saint. He's one of the most arrogant, immature, insecure, ego-maniacal people in America. Maybe the world. But he's not the embodiment of absolute evil the left keeps trying to paint him as. To some, he has stood up to the powerful forces of government that seem to keep taking more and more from hard-working Americans. That's what drew most people to vote for him in most cases. But the media and the Democrats continue to demonize him and his supporters as ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigots. When they do it enough, it could embolden a 19 year-old young man to knock an 81 year-old man and his basket of groceries to the ground.

He had it coming to him after all, right?

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