No one in their right mind should trust a Trenton politician over a Trenton hooker or drug dealer...ever!

Right now, just about every day we get a despicable dog and pony show put on by our filthy rich, out of touch, guilty white progressive, carpet bagging, former Wall Street shark of a Governor. He starts out by introducing his esteemed colleagues, all beyond reproach with impeccable credentials and then he goes into the death count. He uses terms like "blessed souls" which seem way out of character for someone like him, but never mind, he's baring his soul for our safety and well being. Then he shows pictures of some of the people that have passed from COVID-19.

Plenty of great people die every day in New Jersey from a multitude of horrible diseases and he never mentions them. Maybe because their passing doesn't fit into the agenda of panic and hysteria that he's crafted over the past six long weeks. Are all of these deaths directly due to the novel coronavirus? Some people who are in positions to know and are bold enough to say so, say no. The motivation for some to be listed as such couldn't be for more money for hospitals, could it? Only a pure cynic would think so, or someone who's found valid information outside what mainstream media outlets choose to feed us,

The Trenton politicians have competition in the despicable distrustful category, and that would be the media. Their approval ratings, especially during the current crisis, is abysmally low, as it should be. So when our Governor or the Governor of NY State, Monsignor Cuomo, give their daily sermons, should we trust their numbers on COVID-19 deaths? I don't. Our neighbor, Pennsylvania just had to adjust theirs to correctly reflect the actual numbers.

So what should we make of all of this? We've been fooled and played by fools who don't actually know much about governing, but they are masters at manipulating.

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