ATLANTIC CITY — Cooler heads prevailed in a video of a fight that was posted on Facebook and went viral for a positive reason.

Screenshot of video showing two boys in an Atlantic City street fight shaking hands (Marmar Duval via Facenbook)

The video, which has been viewed 12 million times since it was posted by Marmar Duval on Monday, opened with two black teenage boys, one in an Atlantic City High School sweatshirt and another wearing a white golf shirt, fighting on a street as others watched and recorded the fight on their phones.

A man walks up to the boys and asks them why they are fighting.

“He came to me over some (stuff) I don’t even know,” he tells the man. “I don’t even know what’s going on.” The man, identified in the comments as Ibn Ali, calls those who are recording the fight "the real cowards" and dares them to keep recording, pointing out that people are smiling and laughing and they're not real friends.

"It ain't cool, yo. You're in the middle of the street," the man said.

After a few moments during which Ali talks about not making their parents look bad by appearing in a fight video, he urges the boys to shake hands and said he's not leaving until they do. The boy in the golf shirt extends his hand but the other boy refuses. The man then suggests he try again, which ends successfully before they both walk away.

Many who viewed the video left positive, encouraging comments.

"Best video i have seen in years...very wise young man preach on good sir," wrote Damon Daniels.

"My respect go out to this men (sic).God bless him," commented Maritza Garcia.

"I passed on your video for my grandson to watch, you are becoming a wonderful role model - you and your momma should be very proud," Sabrina Douglas wrote.

The video was also featured on, the website for fans of Ellen DeGeneres's show.


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