Our Instagram game has to be on fire all of the time. You have to get the good lighting, the good angle, and the perfect filters to make sure you have that amazing aesthetic on your feed. You just can't have boring pictures on the gram.

What are some things that you should do to get those perfect Instagram pictures?

According to Time and Date, you have to plan out your pictures. You can't just go out there and test your luck. I've always heard that there is a "golden hour" for photography but I never knew what it meant. All I knew was that it is the best lighting anyone can get. We learned on Time and Date that the golden hour is "when the Sun is close to the horizon, makes the light magical." It has been said that the golden hour is usually the hour right before sunset and it makes you glow.

Now there is a "blue hour" as well. I did not know that was such a thing. But the blue hour according to Time and Date is "when the Sun is quite far below the horizon, coloring the sky deep blue" and that usually happens at "darker stages of morning and evening twilight."

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It has been mentioned on Time and Date that when you are taking a picture to turn off the flash because that ruins the natural light. I thought flash was the way to go.

One photography tip that I found interesting was to “turn around.” It said that, “Sometimes the best picture is behind you." How exactly does one do that? Just walk away from the camera but look back?

Another tip that I can say I already do and it makes me feel like a photographer is the "rule of thirds." According to Time and Date "by placing your subject off-center, either a third or two-thirds into the image, it can help your image be more dynamic."

There you have it. Step up your Instagram game and go after likes.

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