CBS Sports television football color analyst Tony Romo took the word “homer” to a new level during The Dallas Cowboys versus Washington Commanders NFL game.

Romo announced at least 10 times during the Washington game that “Dallas can win the Super Bowl” … sometimes saying it twice in the same sentence.

This despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have already lost three times this season in the first 10 games, losing to every team they have faced with a winning record.

Dallas is a good football team; I don’t dispute that. Romo gushing over them is unprofessional for a national broadcaster, who played for The Cowboys.

For years, people have said the same types of things about Troy Aikman, when he announces Dallas Cowboys games.

Aikman has won it all, multiple times. Romo has won absolutely nothing, with a 2-4 record in playoff games.

Aikman is biased, but, Romo has taken it to a new level, like when he said to his broadcasting partner "Jim (Nance) “how good is this team." Romo didn't say it as a question.

Romo went even beyond that, when he said that he had “goose bumps” after the Pick 6 by DaRon Bland.

I took to my Face Book Page yesterday on this topic. As you can imagine, the comments were wide-ranging and passionate.

Most agreed that Romo is a prolific “homer,” however, others strenuously disagreed and sang his praises with their comments, such as these:

Fernando wrote me, “Says the Eagle fan. Have you heard Philly broadcasts? It's absolutely insufferable. This is the luckiest 9-1 team in the history of the league. Stop. The calls they continue to get is mind boggling. It's beyond nausea at this point.”

Fernando felt so strong about his opinion, that he wrote the same comment in two different sections of my post.

Brian wrote, “Simma Down Harry..commentators are supposed to express their opinions..”

Bobby wrote, “Wow! First off all he did was state the facts. And he does same when two different teams play. You obviously just hate the Star! Best analyst in pro football. Not only do I agree with him, I'd rather listen to him do games than any other former player who is now sitting in the both. He promotes the game. And they need a lot of promoting.”

Here are some comments from others who feel otherwise about Romo:

Bill wrote, “A non talent.”

Jeanne wrote, “It's insane. But guess what? America's team (followed by vomit emoji).

Dan wrote, “He's a nothing burger, not even the third or forth best QB they've ever had.”

Ken, an enthusiastic, lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan write, “I muted it.”

Curt wrote, “They're (The Cowboys) 8-3... haven't beat in a team with a winning record all year...keep in mind they lost to of the Cardinals... and there three losses were blowouts by the 49ers blew them out, the 1 win Cardinals blew them out...and the Eagles pounded them...”

Roger wrote, “He’s such a homer.”

Sal wrote, “Yes it was bad this time and I like him as an announcer...”

Mark wrote, “Ugly dude, thinks he's the best when as a cowboys QB he was mediocre.”

Romo has been assigned to broadcast the Sunday, November 26, 2023 Philadelphia Eagles versus Buffalo Bills game.

The Bills have lost 5 times this season. Despite this Romo gushed about The Bills, saying “their much better than their record.”

Romo said nothing about the 9-1 Eagles, who have the best record in the NFL.

CBS Sports television pays Romo $ 17 million per-year as their lead color football analyst and placed him on the their # 1 NFL broadcast team.

However, they should never assign him to do a Dallas Cowboys game. He is incapable of being professional and containing himself.

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