There are people among us, who are truly loyal friends … what my dear friend Tom Cantone calls, “Friends for Life.”

I have always liked Philadelphia television personality Bob Kelly (FOX 29). He’s one of the really good guys in our business.

Bob Kelly is also a true and loyal friend to the late Jerry Blavat. Kelly has demonstrated that he is Blavat’s friend for life and beyond.

Blavat died on Friday, January 20, 2023 at Jefferson-Methodist Hospital (at age 82) from the health issue effects of myasthenia gravis.

Blavat left behind four daughters and his longtime partner, Keely Stahl.

Not lost on us is the fact that Blavat passed away on "National Disc Jockey Day."

Blavat was well known as "The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce" and "The Geator with The Heater."

Blavat's extraordinary broadcasting career has lasted more than 70 years, a record of longevity rarely seen in the television and radio industries.

Blavat's career began in 1952 on the original Bandstand on WFIL-TV with Bob Horn and Lee Stewart.

Blavat was once comedian Don Rickles's valet and he served as national tour manager for Danny and the Juniors.

His radio career began in 1960 and by 1963, Blavat was syndicated in Atlantic City, Trenton, Camden, Pottstown & Allentown Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware.

What many may have forgotten about, or, never knew, Blavat appeared as a guest on a number of famous television shows:

  • The Mod Squad.
  • The Monkees.
  • The Tonight Show.
  • The Joey Bishop Show.

Blavat also appeared in the movies:

  • Desperately Seeking Susan.
  • Baby It's You.
  • Cookie.

Blavat was a regular fixture in the Southern New Jersey Metro Market and Philadelphia for more than 60 years.

Bob Kelly credits Blavat for directly making his start in the television, entertainment business possible.

At the time of Blavat’s passing, Kelly shared this personal message on his Facebook Page:

For me. Everyday was an adventure working with Jerry! Back in the early days, Mama Geator would make trays of meatballs for the guests. I would always go down to Memories before Jerry and one week he asked me to take the trays of meatballs and rolls in my car because he would be late. Well I had to stop fast and a whole tray of meatballs spilled ALL OVER MY BACK SEAT. He had me counting meatballs as I was cleaning up and called a friend to drop off meatballs so that we would have the required 3 meatballs to go in each roll in the Geator Garden. My car smelled delicious for a LONG WHILE.  Another time we were on our way to a gig in NJ and we got lost. This was before Waze, GPS and all we had was a big fold up paper map. Jerry was not having the map idea. We saw a police car and Jerry said pull up next to him and we will ask, Jerry rolled down the window and the officers yelled. THE GEATOR! THE BIG BOSS. We got a police escort to the event that night, 2 police cars, lights & sirens. The people at the Knights of Columbus Hall had no idea what the hell was happening when we came flying into the parking lot. Sooo many more stories but you get the idea, wrote Kelly.

On tip of his regular FOX 29 Philadelphia television work … Kelly has been doing his own DJ gigs, with his usual amazing positive energy and keeping The Jerry Blavat flame alive.

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