Choosing to shop online through your local store won't help you escape New Jersey's ban on single-use paper and plastic bags, which goes into effect on May 4.

Pickup and delivery orders are also included in the law, which blocks retailers and foodservice establishments from providing, or even selling, plastic bags to customers. Large grocery stores are also barred from offering single-use paper bags.

Not every chain is approaching the shift the same way. The process, or added cost, is likely different from company to company.

Walmart has told us, for example, that it's going bag-free for pickup — meaning reusable bags won't be an option when ordering online from the major chain.

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Stop & Shop customers in New Jersey who utilize pickup or delivery will be charged a $2 fee per order, according to Stefanie Shuman, public relations manager for the New Jersey locations. The orders will be bagged in reusable carryout bags, and the fee stays $2 no matter how many bags are needed for your order.

"This was determined based on the average number of bags used per order for pickup and delivery," Shuman said.

The flat fee is $1.50 for online orders from ShopRite. The grocery store chain noted that it can't use empty product boxes to handle online orders because they may be unsanitary. For the time being, customers won't be able to bring their own reusable bags for these orders.

Plastic bags will still be available in-store for handling items such as meats and produce.

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