LITTLE EGG HARBOR — The Pinelands Regional High School and Junior High School are closed today for a problem unrelated to the ongoing air quality controversy.

Roof work at Pinelands Regional High School (CBS New York)

An email from acting superintendent Cheryl Stevenson send on Thursday night said the closure is because of "a new issue involving the construction at the high school. Please plan on this to be an extended closure of the high school building until all issues with the project can be addressed."

Stevenson did not elaborate on the issue but said a parent meeting was scheduled for Friday at 5 p.m. in the junior high school cafeteria.

Transportation would be provided for part-time morning and afternoon vocational students, and there is no change to the full-time vocational student schedules. Athletic events and practices with continue at the junior high school, according to the email.

Pinelands schools were closed last week to test the air quality in the schools. A roof project was blamed for causing tiles to fall from the ceiling and contaminating the schools' air. Classes resumed on Tuesday after the tests concluded that the high school was safe for occupancy.

Concerned parents packed a school board meeting on Wednesday night to express their concerns about the air quality, according to CBS New York.  Many told the board their children were ill or suffered from constant headaches or burning in their chests.

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