There’s a crucial open New Jersey State Senate seat in District 2 and the two likely major party challengers couldn’t be more different.

The campaign will feature Vince versus Vince. That’s just about the only similarity between the two ... the fact that they share the same first name.

On the Democrat side, it’s Vince Mazzeo.

On the Republican side, it’s Vince Polistina.

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Here’s a case in point regarding their stark differences. Polistina has consistently supported law enforcement officers.

In direct contrast, Mazzeo decided to join the Democrat radical “woke” movement and Mazzeo actually casted a hyper-negative public vote against police officers.

Don P. Hurley Photo
Don P. Hurley Photo

Former Assemblyman  Vince Polistina today criticized incumbent Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo for voting to ban police officers from being present within 100 feet of a polling place or ballot drop box.

Polistina believes that it sends the wrong message, by suggesting that all police officers are bad and can't be trusted.

"Frankly, it's offensive to hear members of the General Assembly using rhetoric that suggests our police officers are a threat to free and fair elections," said Polistina.

“For Assemblyman Mazzeo to agree with this rhetoric and reinforce it with his vote is a disgrace. Vince Mazzeo should have stood up on the Assembly floor and condemned his Democratic colleagues for accusing today's police officers of engaging in voter intimidation and vote suppression. Instead, he supported their vile attacks with his vote.  Police officers and their families will remember this one come November, because I am going to make sure they do,” said Polistina.

Polistina sees very negative consequences by Mazzeo and his fellow Democrats demonizing police officers.

"There are bad apples in every profession, and law enforcement is no different," said Polistina.

"But the overwhelming number of police officers in Atlantic County, and throughout New Jersey, are brave, selfless, honorable men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our rights and keep us safe.  For Vince Mazzeo to cast a vote that basically says police officers are a threat to the citizenry and can't be trusted turns my stomach.  He has some explaining to do to the men and women in blue and their families, concluded Polistina.

SOURCE: Vince Polistina press release

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