Dim Sum and Then Some!, the popular Cantonese-style Chinese restaurant at 7317 Ventnor Avenue in Ventnor, will be closing at the end of September.

Dim Sum opened in October 2021 and immediately made its mark with delicious savory fried or steamed dumplings with various fillings and a variety of traditional Chinese food that never stayed in the to-go containers very long at my house.

Andrew Leung partnered with brother Michael, former chef at Ocean Casino's Zhen Bang Noodle & Sushi to make a splash with their menu and service.

When the brothers opened Dim Sum in Smithville Square, Galloway Township in December 2022 -- complete with table service-- Micheal left to concentrate on the new Dim Sum, leaving Andrew to run the Ventnor location and both brothers under an increased workload.

With the lease of the Ventnor Dim Sum expiring at the end of September, and the terms for renewal not to the liking of the brothers, Andrew said in a Facebook post that it seemed like it was time to close the Ventnor shop.

While it’s bittersweet to be moving on from Ventnor… personally I’m looking forward to a reduced workload & joining forces with my brother at Dim Sum Smithville NJ.

Andrew told me via text Tuesday that other business decisions combined to make the closing of the Ventnor Dim Sum the less complicated option.

"For example, my head chef in Ventnor is 66 years old and was retiring at the end of the year anyways. We also have a key employee in Galloway who wants to move back to his home state- but won’t leave until I get there. So over the last month, as we’ve been negotiating updated lease terms - a bunch of factors kept nudging us towards where we ended up."

This loss wouldn't hurt so much if Dim Sum Smithville would increase its delivery range to Absecon Island, but I don't think that's in the plans, somehow.

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