Long ago, former New Jersey Assemblyman Kirk Conover nick-named me “Pocket Kreskin,” for my proclivity to make predictions.

The Amazing Kreskin himself sanctioned my use of this term of affection, which I am forever grateful for.

Kreskin has been one of my heroes for 50 years.

In that vain, here are some of my thoughts/predictions about how things may permanently change in America because of the Coronavirus. In no particular order.

1. We may see a spike in divorce, due to being confined 24/7 for an extended time frame and various financial stresses from loss of income.

2. Weight gain. America is already way too sedentary. This will get worse in the short term.

3. Obviously, increased unemployment. More than 3.28 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits.

4. Substantial rise in bankruptcy and other financial reorganization’s for obvious reasons.

5. We’ll see a rise in births over the next 9-12 months. No explanation required.

6. Companies will make Permanent changes in their respective business models as a result – More employees will work from home permanently as companies see how this works over the next several months.

7. Telemedicine will catch-on and have a lasting effect going forward. People will grow to like the idea of not traveling and spending excessive amounts of time in Doctor waiting rooms. Many times being exposed to sicker people.

8. Permanent changes will take place in our educational delivery systems as a result of embracing technology.

9. The ultimate demise of newspapers and magazines will accelerate. They were already on a hopeless trajectory towards extinction. This will happen faster now.

10. People may continue to dine together at home as a family and go out less frequently to restaurants.

11. People may permanently change their morning routine, rather than stop at a convenience store for coffee and a quick breakfast they may choose to make their own coffee and breakfast at home.

12. Sadly, domestic violence incidents will increase during stay-at-home orders.

13. They’ll be an increase in suicide. 12,000 Americans committed suicide during the Great Recession, which began in 2008.

14. We’ve developed a finer appreciation for big box store and grocery store cashiers and stockers. Also, a much finer appreciation for how important our truckers and warehouse professionals are.

15. We’ve experienced a loss of civil liberties and an introduction of socialism in America.
Unscrupulous politicians will seize upon this and try to implement more of it in the coming years.

16. Sadly, a certain number of businesses will close forever.

17. Finally, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, police, fire, EMS and other highly skilled service minded professionals are finally getting their due as the superheroes that they’ve always been. Hopefully, America will have a long term memory affect about this.

18. It is my hope That the American people will be nicer to one another. This is probably a bit like Pollyanna, but, we can hope.

19. Last, but not least, together we’ve all rediscovered how important live, two-way talk radio is to impart important information. And, to give our fellow citizens an opportunity to be heard.

And, make no mistake about it, your elected and appointed leaders are listening to you.

My list is both imperfect and incomplete. Add to my list of projections and predictions by emailing me at HarryHurley@aol.com

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