Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson’s disturbing run of bad fortune continues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hurley in the Morning” has just learned and confirmed that the County of Atlantic has a developed a potential issue of COVID-19 spread, effective today.

County staff members have told us the following:

1. The County of Atlantic has been forced to close an entire unit called “The Bank.” Three employees are now in quarantine.

2. Two employees in the Food Stamp program are also in quarantine.

3. Three employees are also now out of work in the Emergency Assistance Program.

For the second time, I’ve been told that employees are being told not to discuss when there’s a COVID-19 positive case.

Employees have also told me That the county government has assured them that anytime there is a COVID-19 positive case, that the area will be properly disinfected.

They are concerned that the disinfecting is not taking place at all.

After 9 1/2 months into the pandemic, the County of Atlantic has posted large signs requiring that face masks must be worn before entering the building.

This is a positive step that should have been implemented months ago.

Here’s a look at the new sign:


In another good, proactive move, the County of Atlantic has added a kiosk outside of the building, whereby mail and packages can be delivered.

This prevents unnecessary person(s) from having to enter the building.

I have also obtained a copy of Gerry DelRosso’s latest letter to the state of New Jersey.

In the letter, DelRosso confirms that the County regularly cleans the vents in the building. County employees dispute this and have provided the following as physical evidence.


Here is a copy of DelRosso’s latest letter to the state of New Jersey, whereby he directly responds to employee complaints alleging poor air quality and other deficiencies.

Page 1 Gerry DeRosso letter
Page 1 Gerry DeRosso letter
Page 2 Gerry DelRosso letter
Page 2 Gerry DelRosso letter

DelRosso is excellent at writing the state with exactly the right language to score victories in the “court” of the political state bureaucracy.

Too bad that the County government doesn’t appear to do as well when it comes to actually executing and turning into deeds, the wonderful prose that that DeRosso regularly pens like Thomas Jefferson.

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