Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor Will Reynolds provided us with a live, on-air update this morning relative to the homeless population in Atlantic City.

This has been a confounding and long-standing issue for countless years, especially with the make shift homes that have been constructed directly underneath the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Reynolds’ on-air update this morning was encouraging and inspiring.

Very early this morning (6:00 a.m. hour) Reynolds and three Atlantic City Police Officers inspected the area together.

Pictured below is Reynolds and Atlantic City Police Officer Rick Lasco, who is the ultimate team player.

Will Reynolds photo.
Will Reynolds photo.

Previously, there were a significant number of homeless and their constructed homes. As of today, all of the structures are gone and they only encountered 5 homeless, underserved people.

Reynolds also confirmed that all five persons that they encountered have been provided with the proper assistance that they need.

Reynolds was quick to point out that this is because of a successful collaboration between:

  • Atlantic County Prosecutors Office.
  • Atlantic City Police Department.
  • Atlantic City Public Works Department.
  • Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler and their Hope One Mobile Outreach.
  • Jewish Family Services.
  • AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.
  • And, other working partners.

Reynolds complimented all of the working partners and he singled out the new Atlantic City Director of Public Works, Crystal Lewis.

We have been hearing very good things about Lewis in terms of her focus, attention to detail and commitment to getting the job done.

Atlantic City requires this level of effort. As a world class destination resort, Atlantic City must be clean for residence and visitors alike.

Until very recently, a photo like the one below would have been impossible to take. Below, you can see that there is no sign of structures or homeless persons living under the board.

Will Reynolds photo.
Will Reynolds photo.

We asked Reynolds whether or not this is sustainable. Reynolds did not hesitate, saying that “because of the commitment of all of our team members, this is sustainable,” said Reynolds.

Specifically, Reynolds said that “we have line of effort and great synergy.”

Reynolds also singled out Scheffler, saying that “The Hope One Mobile Outreach is on the job seven days a week.”

Reynolds confirmed that cooperation and buy-in of both the Atlantic City Police Department and Atlantic City Public Works Department are demonstrating a high degree of urgency.

Reynolds also shared the number of homeless in Atlantic City.

There were 501 known homeless persons in Atlantic City through 2022.

Reynolds estimated that when he became prosecutor, the homeless number was about 450.

Because of the previous efforts outlined above by Reynolds, he estimates that the number of homeless in Atlantic City is 240.

Reynolds also emphasized that the process isn’t just about moving the homeless out … It’s about getting them the help that they need.

This appears to be the most well rounded and comprehensive effort to date.

This is with all respect due to Lt. Colonel Tom Gilbert and former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, who made great progress … before both left office and the commitment left with them.

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