Following the massive security breach at Target during the holidays, one Garden State lawmaker wants to enhance protections for New Jersey consumers.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

"Under my legislation, the consumer would have to be notified either in writing or electronically that that breach has occurred," said Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Scotch Plains). "Consumers would have the opportunity to get a credit report, they'd have access to that for six months, they'd have a once-a-month opportunity to check their credit report for 12 months."

Stender said the string of recent breaches has been nothing short of "nightmarish."

"It seems like every day we read about another example of this kind of breach," Stender said. "For the people who are involved, it's frightening and it's dangerous to their financial well-being."

While it is the individual company's job to try and stay ahead of the hackers and put protections in place, lawmakers should be doing whatever they can to try and protect consumers in New Jersey, according to Stender.

She also said consumers must play an increasing role in protecting themselves.

"The message is: You have to pay attention, you have to be vigilant," Stender said. "All of us need to be aware of this threat and stay on top of the situation."

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