The planet Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is the second planet from the sun. Venus is also the second- brightest natural object, and only the moon sheds more light, according to Wikipedia.

Next week, South Jersey will get some of the best views of Venus, according to Fred Schaaf reporting for The Press of Atlantic City. Stargazers and astronomy lovers get ready because these astonishing views of Venus won't happen again until the year 2025!

According to Universe Today, the planet Venus is on a backward rotation. Cool fact - a year on this planet only lasts 223 days! In fact, a full day actually lasts longer than a year due to the slow rotation and orbit of the planet (a full day on Venus lasts for 243 days).

According to Fred Schaaf, we'll have the best sights of Venus on the first day of spring (March 20) and again on Wednesday, March 22. Venus will turn the corner of its slow orbit around the sun at this time.


Sources: The Press of Atlantic City, Fred Schaaf via Press of Atlantic City, WikipediaUniverse Today


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