You may have seen the ad that has been quickly circulating on social media for the Stockton University Men's Crew "rent-a-rower" service. While the ad itself is creating a lot of buzz, the team hopes that buzz translates into both year-round support for the team and its members -- and they are willing to work for it.

The ad is pretty simple and eye-catching. If you need some chores done around your house, whether it's cutting grass, raking leaves, or even babysitting, for $15 per person per hour, you can "rent a rower." And while on the surface this might seem like a flash-in-the-pan way for some guys in college to make a quick buck, this is serious business for the team -- and the entire team is on-board.

According to Diego Delgado and Bradford Cress, Jr., of the Stockton Men's Crew team, the hope for this fundraiser is for it to be something they do all year. They point out that their group is a club team as opposed to NCAA, so they need to raise money on their own to do things like travel, pay for race entries, and go on training trips.

stockton crew poster

In other words, these are guys in college who love what they do and they're willing to work hard on and off the water to keep their team going.

As for what kind of feedback they have been getting about their ad and their efforts, they say, "we get plenty of feedback...telling us of how brilliant an idea they believe it is. We get emails on a daily basis from people wanting to use our services. The best part of it, is that we are not only simply fundraising-but we’re also helping the community and showing everyone that Stockton’s Crew team is the real deal and we’re ready to take things to the next level."

If you would like to rent a rower from the Stockton Men's Crew team, they are ready to roll. Simply e-mail to find out more.

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