We all know someone who doesn't "do" coasters, so if that's you -- this blog won't mean anything. But for everyone else, we're talking about the best drops, twists and turns, and adrenaline rushes on the Jersey Shore!

To celebrate National Roller Coaster Day on August 16 (that's right, there's an actual day dedicated to you daredevils), we're looking at the coasters you should be riding this summer.

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    Atlantic City

    Locomotion and Crazy Mouse are the only roller coasters Steel Pier has. With that being said, it's really all they need. Although you only need to be 48 inches to get on these rides, it's still fun for the whole family!

  • https://oceancityfun.com/Rides/galeforce-roller-coaster-ocean-city-new-jersey/

    Ocean City

    Gale Force was brought to Ocean City in 2016. It's 125 feet tall and has 3 launch points. That's unreal!

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    Wildwood has 3 roller coasters you'll want to ride all day long. The Great White is a wooden roller coaster if you're afraid of the flips and turns. If you're more of a dare devil, there's the Sea Serpent and the Nor'Easter!

  • http://www.rideentertainment.com/news/jersey-shore-gets-new-roller-coaster-five-years-after-hurricane-sandy/

    Seaside Heights

    We all remember the photo of Seaside Heights' roller coaster in the middle of the ocean after Superstorm Sandy. Now, to replace it, they have Hydrus. This blue and green roller coaster has a 97 degree drop and loops you need to try!

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