The cause of a nearly weeklong water emergency in one of the state's most populated counties was a rusted bolt that in a 100-year-old water main that burst in Nutley.

The water main burst on Wednesday, causing a local state of emergency in the Montclair region.

According to Glen Ridge’s website, the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission has completed its repair of a 72-inch water main break in Nutley and are “working on an overall testing and pressurizing protocol” that could take several days.

A local water emergency remains in effect in Glen Ridge and Montclair.

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Blomfield lifted its boil water notice late Monday afternoon when testing showed the water is safe to drink and the DEP gave its approval. Water pressure may still be low and residents are urged to continue conserving water.

Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller said the pressure must be restored slowly to the pipeline or risk another rupture at another pressure point.

Repair work to a water main break in Nutley
Repair work to a water main break in Nutley 10/10/22 (PIX 11)

Fixing the state's ageing pipelines

NBC 4 New York reports a bolt that blew from a valve created a hole in the 72-inch main that supplies water to Nutley, Montclair and Glen Ridge.

The commission will replace all bolts along the 100-year-old pipeline, Spiller told NBC 4 New York. Spiller told Montclair Local he has spoken to Gov. Phil Murphy about appointing a czar to investigate replacing more aged water pipelines across the state.

A water main break in a 140-year-old pipeline in Newark's Branch Brook Park in August impacted much of the city with very low water pressure on one of the hottest days of the year.

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