Rutgers has developed a new habanero pepper perfect for those who don't like really, really, really hot peppers and it's called 'pumpkin habanero.'

No, don't worry there's no pumpkin involved in the development of this new habanero pepper! Rutgers biologist Albert Aveni says this pepper was created by crossing Mexican and African habaneros to create a less spicy version of the traditional habanero but with the cool crisp taste.

He says this pepper is perfect for those seeking to develop their taste for spice. It also has tons of other health benefits because its high in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and beta carotene.

It's creation came about because of Aveni's search for a pepper that will benefit New Jersey agriculture and economy.

It's going to be available on Rutgers Day, April 29. If you're unable to make it, pumpkin seeds and plants will also be available at Millville's Eco Fair May 6th and Master Gardeners Atlantic County plant sale on May 13 in Galloway.

Read all about it's development and creation on Rutgers University's site.

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