Ryan Reynolds is apparently making a stoner version of Home Alone, because nothing says John Hughes like getting high and missing your flight!

As reported by Deadline, the Deadpool star is currently at work on a Home Alone reimagining titled Stoned Alone. It borrows loosely from the original 1990 classic, following a 20-something weed-grower who misses his plane for a holiday ski trip, but with a hard-R twist: His vacation plans thwarted, he decides to make the best of things by getting high, only to become increasingly paranoid that someone has broken into his house. Turns out, thieves actually have broken in, and he spends the rest of the movie engaged in some decidedly less PG Home Alone-style antics.

The film is in development at Fox, with Augustine Frizzell attached to direct. The script was penned by Kevin Burrows and and Matt Mider, who also wrote upcoming Netflix comedy The Package about a teenager who accidentally cuts off his penis during a camping trip.

Reynolds will produce alongside George Dewey under his Maximum Effort banner. Neither a release date or casting information has been announced.

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