Spring is here and that means all of the great custard stands (or ice cream stands, depending on your vernacular) across South Jersey will be opening up for the season. But for one family run business, this season is starting off on a sad note.

Custard Castle, on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing out by the blueberry fields, has been an Atlantic County landmark since the 70s. In a recent post on their Facebook page, Custard Castle says its founder, Rocco Policarpo, Sr., passed away last month following a long battle with cancer.

According to that Facebook post, Mr. Policarpo was much more than just someone who sold ice cream. Over his lifetime, he sold cars in Cherry Hill, was a real estate broker, a mortgage banker, and was even mayor of Hamilton Township in the 1980s.

Custard Castle says due to his passing, they will be opening up a little later than normal this spring.


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