Six Flags Great Adventure has issued a warning about an Internet scam promising free tickets.

"Please be on the alert for ticket scams. If an offer sounds too good to be true it usually is. If someone offers you free tickets to 'refer three friends' or if you 'just visit a website' it's a scam and not something sponsored by Six Flags. Be careful," reads the warning on the Jackson park's Facebook page.

Park spokeswoman Kristin Siebeneicher told the Asbury Park Press that “the only valid online offers for free tickets are on the Six Flags Facebook and Twitter pages, and our website."

The offer as described by the news website Newsworks looks authentic — there's a bar code, terms and conditions and an expiration date. Users are asked to click links and invite friends through social media to claim their tickets.

On the Six Flags post, Markeshia Shaw commented, "Yes it takes you to the page but make you do all these surveys and never approve you finish surveys for tickets ... it's a scam."

The Press report quoted Adam Levin, chairman and co-founder of consumer group Identity Theft 911, saying those who click on the links risk giving hackers access to personal information such as passwords.

Dave Loudon, and IT engineering contractor working with WPG, said the easiest way to avoid scams is to not click on links on websites you aren't familiar with, or download attachments from email received from unfamiliar addresses.

Six Flags opens for the season on Wednesday, March 23.

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