In the wake of a 13-count indictment against South Jersey party boss George Norcross, public reaction from the leaders of his political party has been limited.

Norcross, whose influence and money have played an integral part in New Jersey political races and multi-million-dollar policy decisions for decades, moved to Florida full-time in 2020, as Palm Beach Daily News reported.

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After the news conference where charges were announced against him, Norcross called for the case to rush to trial in two weeks.

He also dared state Attorney General Matthew Platkin to try the case himself in court, calling him a "coward."

The following are NJ Democrats who have ventured to comment on the racketeering and other charges facing the longtime power broker.

Mikie Sherrill on Norcross indictment
(Mikie Sherrill on Norcross indictment)

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J. 11th District, released a statement on social media, including Facebook, saying, “New Jerseyans deserve to know that our tax dollars are spent wisely and fairly. My full statement on George Norcross's indictment.” She is considered a potential candidate for governor in the future.

“From Menendez to Alito to Norcross, too many powerful people from New Jersey seem to think that they are above the law and work to enrich themselves at the expense of hard-working Americans,” Sherrill said.

“New Jerseyans deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely, that contracts are being awarded fairly and that the system isn’t rigged against them.”

“This type of corruption undermines citizens’ faith in government and costs taxpayers money,” Sherrill added. “I’ve served in the Navy, as a federal prosecutor, and now in Congress. I always have and always will put the people I serve and my oath of office above all else.”

Another Democrat who went on record about the Norcross indictment was congressional candidate, Sue Altman, who is running in the 7th District against U.S. Rep. Tom Kean Jr. and has been a foe of Norcross on the grassroots level.

“I laud the Attorney General’s monumental indictment. Like Donald Trump, George Norcross and his South Jersey cronies are finding out that breaking the law for personal gain has consequences,” the former educator and current executive director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance said in a statement on Facebook.

“It is a new day for New Jersey politics. We are replacing our culture of corruption, misuse of public funds, and self-dealing government with a new one – one that prioritizes public service, the greater good, and functional government where both parties are held accountable,” she said.

Altman said the indictment is “a major step toward rooting out the rampant corruption that led to the abuse of taxpayer dollars and Camden residents,” while adding it “is sobering to see the scope and details of the damage done.”

“As we move forward, I urge us to rethink what it means to invest in and develop a city. Instead of relying on state-funded giveaways to politically connected corporations, we must focus our efforts and investments on the people who already live and work there.”

On Tuesday, Democratic state Senator Britnee Timberlake issued a statement to

“Attorney General Matt Platkin’s press conference on his indictment of George Norcross underscores the damaging impact of power abuse within our government and its consequences for taxpayers throughout the state,” she said.

“Let me be unequivocal: I oppose anyone who threatens livelihoods, future opportunities, or physical harm to maintain or expand their power and influence. I oppose the exploitation of any and all communities but especially powerless impoverished ones. I oppose the abuse of taxpayer dollars for personal enrichment.”

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop — the first Democrat to announce his candidacy for governor next year — was also among the first to comment on the indictment.

“Whether it’s Bob Menendez or George Norcross - there isn’t a single person in NJ politics that has my track record in publicly fighting these characters for the better part of 10+ years - you can google it and I’ve got a ton of scars to show for it,” Fulop said. “BUT today is a good day for South Jersey and importantly it’s a good day for the future of NJ.”
Steven Fulop on Norcross indictment
Steven Fulop on Norcross indictment

 In a second tweet, Fulop said: “Don’t take this post as I’m happy that so many people in the political institutional world are being called out bc it’s really unfortunate however I do think turning of the page is good thing and there is more still to do.”

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer did not issue a statement in direct reaction to the indictment.  Instead, his campaign account on X countered Fulop's response, seemingly coining the term "flip-Fuloping."


"Jersey Values is straight talking, not flip-flopping. You pursued Bob Menendez until you didn’t. You chased George Norcross until you didn’t. You supported Tammy Murphy until you didn’t. Enough phony flip-Fuloping," Gottheimer's campaign account tweeted.

Patricia Campos-Medina, Executive Director of The Worker Institute, took to social media to comment on Norcross.

“Exactly, when I read the indictment of Norcross, I thought of this moment right here when his gang of goons still thought they could intimidate me, and kicked me out of the Camden Co Democratic convention. This image was abused of power impersonated. Now that abuse is finally under investigation by the AG. NJ, let’s keep fighting for our Democracy.” Campos-Medina recently lost her primary bid in the race for U.S. Senate to replace incumbent Bob Menendez, who is in the middle of his federal trial on corruption charges.   The Rebovich Institute for NJ Politics also weighed in on the landmark case, saying on X “You cannot tell the story of Norcross without talking about Chris Christie. His power base was still regional until his alliance with the Republican governor catapulted him over every other machine and gave him unrivaled statewide power.”

“George Norcross has been undermining democracy in South Jersey for far too long,” South Jersey Progressive Democrats President Kate Delany said, as part of a joint statement issued Monday along with Rowan University Democrats.

The groups also called the indictment of Norcross a “big step in the right direction.”

Norcross' own reaction to his indictment was delivered outside the building on Monday.

6ABC Action News was among those with video of the statements:

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