Someone has created an entertaining way to scare people on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

And I'll be the first to admit that this is both a little mean and a little funny at the same time.

As Halloween approaches, imagine this: you're walking along the famed wooden way, enjoying the usual cloud of marijuana smoke that hangs overhead... maybe you aren't exactly paying attention to your surroundings... the Boardwalk Batman -- or any number of other colorful characters -- passes you by and you don't think twice about it...

...and then out of nowhere, a Chucky doll on a mini-ATV with green lights zooms past you.

That's pretty much what a video called "201CHUCK Takeover Atlantic city boardwalk" shows that was recently posted to YouTube.

Truth be told, it doesn't appear that anyone was actually scared or terrified, however, one part of the video shows a kid being a little frightened.

But still -- of all of the things you would expect to see on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at night, Chucky riding a green ATV probably wouldn't be on your list.

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