MOUNT OLIVE — A crash involving a school bus loaded with children and dump truck closed Interstate 80 in Morris County on Thursday morning — leaving multiple people with serious injuries.

All lanes in both directions were closed at exit 25 for Route 206 around 10:30 AM in Mount Olive, according to traffic reporter Bob Williams, who added that at least 10 people were hospitalized. Weather conditions made it difficult to fly medical helicopters into the area, according to Williams.

The Roxbury School District issued an alert that the bus was not from its district. reported officials said the bus had a Paramus Board of Education logo on its side.

An NBC report, citing a picture the station obtained, described the front of the bus as "barely recognizable, a mangled chunk of broken-apart machinery spread from the highway shoulder lane through the median."

RLS Metro Breaking News reported children were being taken from the bus through the roof.