PATERSON — A driver has been banned from working for the school district after he pulled up so close to a train track that the crossing gate came to a rest on the school bus' roof.

The bus full of students on Wednesday morning stopped at the crossing at Madison Avenue and Ellison Street as a CSX freight train approached, according to a statement from the Paterson school district.

Video taken by resident Raashon Williamson shows the bus backing up to get behind the stop line as the crossing gate lowers and comes to rest on the roof.

Williamson sent the video to News 12 New Jersey, which in turn shared the video with the school district.

Schools Superintendent Eileen Shafer in a statement said the driver was banned from driving school buses in Paterson for contractor First Student, which was fined $1,000.

The school attended by the student was not disclosed by Shafer. News 12 New Jersey reported that the children were elementary and secondary school students

“There is absolutely no excuse for bringing school children this close to harm’s way," Shafer said. "Our students’ safety is always our top priority, and this school bus driver will never drive Paterson school children ever again. We are very lucky that no one was injured. I want to thank the private citizen for this act of vigilance, and News 12 New Jersey for bringing this to our attention."