Cat Country 107.3's Chelsea Corrine and Rachel had the privilege of going to Memphis this weekend, where we visited the Lorraine Motel just one day before the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Day.

For those that aren't familiar, The Lorraine Motel is where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated outside of room 306 on the balcony.

Needless to say, the city is preparing for a celebration in remembering the Civil Rights Leader for half a century.

Atlantic City amidst the Civil Rights Movement
Atlantic City amidst the Civil Rights Movement

The Motel is now known as the National Civil Rights Museum, where people all over the world come to learn about the advancements of black history.

We were able to learn things starting with how slavery started, to conspiracy theories and more! Including how South Jersey was directly related and involved with the Civil Rights Movement.

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