We just hung-up from a phone call with Atlantic City business owner John Exadaktilos, who is the owner of the famed Ducktown Tavern & Liquors in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This was not the type of phone call that you have every day. Involved here, is a disturbing alleged sexual comment that I will explain after providing more information about the overall circumstances.

I spoke with Exadaktilos shortly after he had just left an appearance before a local prosecutor and judge with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

This controversy dates back to an alleged incident that occurred at the Atlantic City Airshow 2022 (not the most recent 2023 installment).

Exadaktilos was providing catering at one of the beach chalets and he volunteered to help to cover needs at all of the other beach chalets.

Exadaktilos is a very vocal critic of Mayor Small and he hosts a weekly Facebook Live video presentation … where he regularly discusses Small and various Atlantic City issues.

On Atlantic City Airshow day (2022), Exadaktilos told us that it was brought to his attention that Marty Small was at one of the beach chalets.

Exadaktilo said that “I waited a 1/2 hour before going back to beach chalets,”

“I wanted to avoid any chance of an encounter with the mayor on this special day. He (Small) was leaving and walking away towards Ventnor. He saw that I was there and he purposely turned back towards me,” said Exadaktilos.

Exadaktilos advised that “Mayor Small repeated a sexual reference directly to me,” said Exadaktilos.

Exadaktilos told me the exact phrase that he alleges Small said to him multiple times.

I won’t print these graphic words here … but, the words alleged to have been said by Small to Exadaktilos pertain to oral sex being performed.

Exadaktilos stated to me today that he eventually responded back to Small, “Pull it out and let’s go.”

Mayor Small is seeking a trial against Exadaktilos for his Facebook Live preservation that took place on the Tuesday after the Atlantic City Airshow 2022.

Exadaktilos publicly stated the above referenced sexually explicit allegation against Small on his Facebook Live presentation.

Exadaktilos advised that he has just received case discovery today about this matter that is now more than one year old.

Exadaktilos exclusively told me today that he is offering a challenge to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Exadaktilos is willing to take a lie detector test and he is challenging Small to do the same. Exadaktilos is 100 percent confident that the results will prove that Small instigated the entire controversy.

Exadaktilos said, “I will put up my bar vs. his (Small’s) resignation and I will also move out of Atlantic City and into exile if I lose the lie detector test. I know that I will pass the test … I’m telling the truth,” said Exadaktilos.


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