Lower Township Police say a man is facing nearly a dozen charges after he shot a gun at a motel in Villas Tuesday morning.

Cops say they responded to the Jersey Shore Motel on Bayshore Road in Villas around 10:40 Tuesday morning for the report of a gun that was shot, possibly from one room through another and into an outside wall. Several people were evacuated from the motel and the apartment where the bullet originated from was secured and officers were able to confirm no one was inside.

According to police,

...detectives contacted the person who lives in the apartment, 23-year-old Brian Britton Jr., at his place of employment. Mr. Britton responded to police headquarters to give a statement regarding the incident. During the statement, he admitted to firing the weapon through the wall prior to leaving for work.


The Superior Court of Cape May County approved search warrants for both the apartment at 1400 Bayshore Road Villas and a lock box that was recovered as part of the investigation. At that location, several items were seized, including suspected marijuana, MDMA and LSD tabs. Several items were also located inside the lock box including a 9mm Ruger handgun, 9mm handgun ammunition, US currency, mushrooms and marijuana.

Britton, Jr., was charged with possession of weapon for unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of weapons and CDS offenses, possession of LSD, possession of marijuana, marijuana distribution, possession of MDMA, possession of mushrooms, possession of paraphernalia, and money laundering.

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