The Showboat Hotel is set to open the largest arcade in New Jersey on May 15th, a massive 103,000-square foot facility that will feature old and new-style arcade games, a sports bar, restaurant and its own boxing ring.

The arcade, called the Lucky Snake, is so big, it will use all of the available casino gaming space in the one-time Atlantic City Boardwalk casino.

Philadelphia developer and Showboat owner Bart Blatstein told Philadelphia Magazine that he interested in diversifying the entertainment options in Atlantic City.

“Everybody loves an arcade. People can walk out of a movie not enjoying the movie. People can walk out of a casino and not have a good time, especially if they lose money. But who doesn’t have a good time at an arcade?”

Blatstein says the Lucky snake will the full range of arcade games, from old-time favorites like skee-ball and mini-bowling to pinball and basketball shooting along with a state-of-the-art gamer and virtual reality section with the "highest internet speeds possible nationally".

And then there's Pac-Man. “My wife loves Pac-Man,” Blatstein told Philadelphia Magazine, “So I bought the world’s largest Pac-Man that you can actually buy.”

Upscale prizes awarded for the arcade’s fully automated boardwalk-style games might include things like in a trip for four to Hawaii or a motorcycle, according to Blatstein.

The Lucky Snake will also feature a sports bar and restaurant with huge TV screens. Plus, Blatstein is excited about a regulation size boxing ring they have put right in the middle of the action, hosting real boxing matches and also available for sparring and training.

The Lucky Snake is just one of the large-scale amenities Bart Blatstein has planned for the Showboat.  A $100 million water park is scheduled to open in next summer and development is underway for a 60,000-square-foot beer garden and a 60,000-square-foot music venue.

Showboat to Open Enormous Arcade With Food, Drink & Boxing Ring

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