Could something new be in development on Tilton Road in Northfield?

I haven't taken much notice of the old Friendly's since it closed down a few years back, but I miss it. Ah, those summer ice cream breaks.

And as I drove by today I noticed a work truck out front and what looked like movement inside.

So, I circled back to a side street where I could grab some photos. Purely speculative, but I saw what appear to be lighting fixtures stacked up near a front window where the Friendly's ice cream counter used to be.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey

I could also see a few people moving around inside the restaurant.

It could be entirely possible, though it seems unlikely, that old restaurant furniture or equipment belonging to Friendly's is being moved out, but it's been such a long time, I doubt it.

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Man, I really hope someone bought the place and plans to do something fun with it. I mean, it would be perfectly fine if it becomes a doctor's office or whatever, as long as it's not another Dollar General, lol (no offense).

My intention is to get some more intel on the development (if there is any) to pass along to ya, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you happen to know anything, let me know.

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